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Lunch Run

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Went out for a 4.25 miler at lunch yesterday.  In the heat.  Actually pre-heat of the day, as it was only low 90’s.  Felt good up to 3 miles or so, so I ventured into the convention center downtown to try to find a water fountain.  Ended up walking the entire length and width of said building before finding that lovely water.  But it did help cool me down.  Was surprised to see numerous groups of walkers hitting the large loop inside the building.  Great way to get some exercise without getting the heat.  After finding my water, headed back to the office.

Earlier I had thought about running down to the river, but then realized that the road to said water is under construction and a tight 2 lane mess with high barriers on each side.  So strike that idea.

Off to Dallas for a wedding this afternoon.  So looks like another weekend w/out a run.  Oh well.