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Le Tour

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

So I haven’t been too psyched about Le Tour in a couple of years.  Call it the let down after LA if you will.  But with all the doping allegations, and positive pops, along with not having VS. to watch it on, I just haven’t gotten too pumped about it.  But I decided to check it out yesterday, and googled live TdF feed, and found a free streaming site.  Wow!  What a great stage.  You can’t beat a 4 man break that survives on an early, flat stage.  And the finish was a mad dash all out sprint for darn near a full 2km.  Exciting to say the least.  Plus, one of the boys in tin foil (my new team to watch, Garmin/Chipotle) finished 2d, a half wheel off the line.

Even better, I figured out we have VS. on the satelite channels at work, so right now, the first individual TT is going off.  Jens Voight is fast.  Love hearing Phil and Paul.  Best commentary ever.  Its great listening to Phil trying to say Chipotle.  If you ever saw the Jack in the Box commercial about 5 years back where they introduced som chipotle sandwich, you have the idea.  It comes out different every time.

There is an ad running throughout the tv broadcast which slaps Jan, Floyd, and Vino smooth across the face.  It has them all going in reverse and finishes with the podium shot of Floyd with the winners jersey coming off (rather than going back on).  It is for Take back the Tour which is run by VS.  Pretty good idea.  And a good reminder that those guys are still amazing on their own, for the most part.

Only real disappointment is that Chipotle changed the jerseys pretty drastically when Garmin became the lead sponsor.  Dropping the orange/blue argyle for a blue and black kit, with a small patch of argyle. But what are you going to do?

Went to the Y yesterday and did some stretching and lifting.  Was running a bit late, so didn’t get a run in.

This morning I did get out of the house for a run.  Put in a strong 4.1 miles in just under 36 minutes.  It was a bit steamy outside, but still a great feeling.