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Weigh In…

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Still holding at 210lbs.  Now its time to get serious.  I’ve sworn off sweets (Darn you vile temptress!).  We’ll see if that has any impact.  Only bad thing is that all of our wonderful friends and neighbors who have been bringing us dinner for the last couple of weeks continue to show up with delightful homemade desserts.  And I have no will power.  But no longer.  I’m through, its time to get serious.

On a good note, had a great run last night.  Worked in the yard Saturday afternoon and did something to my shoulder, so no run.  It wasn’t really bothering me Sunday even after changing the oil on our 2 vehicles.  We had an awesome cold front blowing through and I decided to get out into the wind.  It was really gusty, with sustained winds in the 20’s and blowing up to the 50’s.  But there was a chill in the air and I actually was glad that I wore a vest.  Got in 3.5 miles.