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Day off, then 3.7

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Wednesday was an unplanned day off of running.  I wanted to go, but we got busy and it was 8:30 and we still hadn’t eaten dinner.  So I decided to eat instead of go for a run.  Probably should have opted for the run.  Oh well.

Thursday I was feeling the itch to run and took off around 6:30.  Fired up some Reckless Kelly and was off.  Good run.  Felt strong through the whole 3.7 miles.

Won’t be running today as will be traveling immediately after work.  But am contemplating the Red River Revel 15K tomorrow at 8am.  I’ll be up before that, so why not, right?   9.3 would be the longest run for the year.  Sounds very interesting.