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Great Weekend

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Was at a Walk to Emmaus this weekend. It is held at a retreat center called Canyon Camp, which is down in a beautiful sandstone canyon just outside of Hinton, Oklahoma. Got in 1 good run at 5:45am on Friday morning. Did 3 out and backs of a little over 1 mile each. Also went for a hike to the top of one of the bluffs. IT was probably a 2 mile loop with lots of ups and beautiful scenery.

Saturday had a long break in the middle of the afternoon and went for a great run out of the canyon to the main entry road. It was absolutely the hardest run I’ve undertaken in quite some time. There were 2 great hills, with the low elevation being the start at 1522 feet and the highest point being 1712 feet. Absolutely beautiful day. Heres the map.

Congrats to My Sister-in-law, for being the fastest Jank at the marathon distance, and probably any other distance for that matter.