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Newsletter: Month 1

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

To take a page from one of my favorite blogs, I will be writing a monthly newsletter to the twins.  More of a way for me to keep tabs on the rapid growth and daily changes that come along with growing babies.   I’ll attempt to get it done on the monthly anniversary of their birth, September 4.  Unfortunately, I’m already almost a week late.   I’ll try to do better, but don’t hold your collective breath.

What a crazy month.  We spent the first 5 days of your life in the hospital.  You two were actually fine and required no special attention, with the exception of G not wanting to poop after filling 8 diapers in the first 24 hours.  Mommy came down with pre-eclampsia after the birth and the Midwife wanted to keep close tabs on her as it can be a very harmful thing.  It was nice on one hand to be in the hospital, with you in the room with us, for a few days as it allowed us to ask a lot of questions about what you were doing without feeling silly for calling someone about something so simple as is it normal for them to scream all night long?  For no reason?  At all?

But by the time we got to go home on Saturday, after watching your first Oklahoma Sooner football game no less, we were ready.  We had had enough of the late night blood pressure checks and questions.  We got home mid-day on a Saturday night and just about collapsed.  The following week was a blur of sleepless nights and various visitors.  There were a whole lot of people who just couldn’t wait to meet you and see your shining faces.  Or even your screaming faces.  They were just so excited to get to meet you on the outside of the womb.

While your first month was one of the hardest things I have ever had to manage in my life, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  It was also some of the best times I have ever experienced.

G, you came down with a cold in the second week that lasted for 2 weeks.  You were so pitiful with the constant snorting and not being able to breath very well.  We did all we could to try to make you feel better including saline drops and the sucker bulb, both of which made you madder than a hornet.  But after we finished, you seemed to feel so much better.  I will always treasure the thought of holding you on my chest , rocking you while you took breaths in.  The look on your face as you just stared into my eyes, that “Daddy I don’t feel good” look.  It just melts my heart.  We just couldn’t put you down.

A, you definitely have a personality.  From day 1, you have been either full blast or asleep.  You seem to do everything with all your body.  from crying with a body so rigid that we can hold you in the palm of our hand under your stomach, and you can hold your head, arms and legs straight out.  While screaming full blast.  But you also put your whole self into cuddling as well.  I love how you put your face into the small of my neck and just coo.  It is the best.

The last week of your first month was definitely a turning point.  You both have begun making a lot of meaningful eye contact and have both started smiling when we smile at you.  You are also sleeping for longer periods during the night.  This has been wonderful.  You have both gained almost a full 2 pounds over your birth weight, which is a testament to how well you both nurse.  There is nothing better than what we call your drunk on milk faces.  A you use your whole body for this.  You stick out your full belly, stretch out your arms and stretch through your head, all while sticking just the tip of your tongue out of your mouth.  It is hilarious, especially when you have mil around your lips.  G you just sit there with an enormous belly with a look on your face that says “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”

Heres to more months like the last week.  I can’t wait to see how you further develop.



2 mile walk and 3.5 mile run

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Monday was a long day after the long weekend of driving.  Wanted to go for a run, but Carrie wanted to go for a walk first, so we loaded up the stroller and took off.  By the time we were done with 2 miles, I was done.  Called it a night.

Tuesday, took Boomer for a 3.5 mile run.  Felt good to be back out.  Gotta love the day off.