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Its the most wonderful time of the year!

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Its the hap, happiest season of all.  Today starts the very best of all sporst seasons.  Sure, Tonight’s games, even this weekends games aren’t the marquee match-ups of the year, but College Football is finally back.  On a local level, it means being able to listen to the Sports Animal radio station again, as there is some honest to goodness news to be talked about. On a national level there will be great games for 3 months to come.  Someone finally summed it up in a perfect manner for me.

On another note, I got a run in last night.  It wasn’t much of an effort as I was beat from lack of sleep and a long couple of days at work and getting the house ready for the weekend.  But took the pup and headed out for just a tad under 4 miles in 36:15.  Felt good to get a run in, but I hit the bed hard and tired last night.