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Beautiful Run

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

I had the best run I’ve had in a while Tuesday night.  We had a cold front come through Sunday night and stall out over us.  It brought rain all day Mon and Tues.  We needed it desperately.  But more importantly, it brought much colder temps.  Highs Mon and Tues were in the 70’s.  It was beautiful, and a glimpse of fall, right around the corner.  I know we’ll be hit in the face with at least one more week of high 90’s, but man I can’t wait for the fall and winter and the cooler temps.

But my Monday lunch run was cancelled, as was the Tues lunch run.  So was Basketball Tues night.  So as it had let up on the rain I took off with the pup around 8:45pm on Tues.  The legs felt great after 2 days of unintentional rest, so I figured I’d do 4 miles, as the pup can’t do much more.  The temp was perfect, and the dampness in the air made it even better.  The legs did great, and I even put in .8 miles at a sub 8 min pace.  Ended up with 4.2 miles in 35:30.  Even got Tiger Woods congratulations for my fastest mile on the ipod.

Man I can’t wait for more 60-70 degree runs.

Newsletter Month 11.75 edition

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

So I guess I’m a complete slacker as far as this writing thing goes.  Haven’t been on time, except maybe once. So no more promising about how I’ll be on time next month.

We had yet another busy month.  I’m sensing a trend.  Work has been jam packed, and the home doesn’t clean and cook for itself ya know.

We started the month off with a visit from Nana and Pop as well as Cousins Evie and Kirby.  It was a twins week like no other.  While I got the pleasure of working, you got to go to Paul’s Valley to visit relatives, and even got to go swimming at Turner Falls.  On the way home, however, Nana’s van had a very random breakdown.  Luckily you were all still at the park, and could get in the water to cool off, while waiting for the calvary to ride in to the rescue.  I borrowed Art’s “busburban” and drove down to retreive the whole crew.  We were packed in, but managed to get back to Norman, while the van headed down to Ardmore to be fixed.  Nana, Pop, E&C rode the train down to pick the van up and you two and Mommy traveled down to Paul’s Valley to meet them and see more family.

The next weekend was your very first trip out to “The Ranch” just south of Lubbock.  We met Nana, Pop, E&C out there, as well as Aunt Sherry and Uncle Doug.  Even Uncle Brad flew in for the weekend.  We had a great time, riding four wheelers and motorbikes (Mommy and I) while you two loved to splash in the pool.  We got to see the cows and horses as well.  We had such a good time we decided to stay until Monday morning and had to beat the rain out of the canyon as we left.

You two are both eating more and more food on your own, but still love oatmeal and other foods we feed you.  You have begun taking juice and even milk out of a sippy cup with a straw.  You both are getting very adept at this.  We can tell when you are finished though as you both take your cups and toss them over the side of your chairs.

Abs is now pushing toys while walking.  It started with a cardboard box, and not is any toy that is light enough to be pushed.  Geo is sitting up all on his own from laying down, and even began crawling around the first of August.

What a busy month, and I’m sure I’ve missed some. Two weeks and you’ll be 1 year old.  Oh my how the year has flown.