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Sunday Night Running

Monday, August 11th, 2008

After skipping a workout Friday and Saturday, I felt the need to get out Sunday evening.  Finished harvesting the garden for the day (got the second round of toms (about 10 large cherry toms) and took the pup around 8:45.  Put in 3.5 in sub 30 minutes.  Decided to do a tempo mile at about 1.75 miles when a couple on bikes leisurely passed me.  Decided to try to keep up with them, and was successful for about a 1/4 mile, but then cut it back to around 8 min/mile for another 3/4 miles.  Felt good, and the leg was/is still relatively pain free.

Loaded up the bike to ride at luch today, but woke up to a winderful thunderstorm.  We really needed the rain.  Our grass was slowly going from brown to grey, so I won’t complain about probably being rained out of a ride today.  It is still overcast, and probably even sprinkling.  Oh well, maybe another run tonight.