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3 months

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

So I’m a week an a day late.  But the last week has been extremely busy, and not in a good way.  Last week began with a visit from Monique, Jules, and Darby from NOLA.  It was great fun having them here and meeting Darby for the first time, even though it was cold and rainy and not nice outside.

On your 3 month birthday, Abigail got sick, throwing up once in the crib while sleeping and once in the middle of the day all over Jules, who had picked her up to save George from the coming onslaught.  We didn’t think much of it since Mommy ate some spicy food Monday night, and we just thought it upset A’s tummy, since A was in a great mood.  Not so.  Wednesday evening G decided to throw-up all over A and Mommy right after eating dinner.  Mommy wasn’t feeling too great but got into the shower to clean herself and you kiddos off.  Halfway through, she began throwing-up all over the tub.  Guess what, it didn’t drain very well, so she spent a while cleaning it up while I finished putting you two to bed.  She spent the rest of the night, and next couple of days sick as a dog.  Luckily G&A were not fussy at all, but slept a lot.

We spent the weekend getting well only to have an ice storm come in and knock out our power Monday morning at 2am.  There were limbs and trees down all over the neighborhood.  It looked like a tornado came through.  The streets were full of debris and we had a time getting out of the neighborhood.  Luckily, the Lees didn’t loose power, so we had a sleep-over at their house Monday and Tuesday night.  Finally this morning at 10am, we got power back!  Woohoo!  Needless to say, now we just have to get the limbs all cut up and ready to be picked-up.

You two keep on growing and changing every day.  I probably should have been doing a weekly journal, but oh well.  You are both now holding your heads up on your own, even when laying on your bellies.  G you are a little behind on this as you definitely received the Jankowski noggin, and you have way more head to hold up. A, you are constantly holding your head up and looking back and forth at everything.

G, you are a chamer, still always wanting to be held and content to just stare back and grin.  Your smile is great, taking up your whole face.  You have also begun laughing this month.  It is a cute little “huh-huh” quiet laugh.  You are still just laid back as can be.  You have no problem sitting in the swing staring at fishies, or just laying on your back looking at everything in sight, slowly but surely, like you’re trying to memorize every detail.  But when you get a wet diaper or need some food, watch out.  You break out into verse and don’t stop until your need is met.  There is no soothing.  There is no middle range.  All or nothing.

A, you are a fiesty little one.  In a good way.  You are strong as the dickens.  It all begins with your hands.  I call you my little lint collector because you are constantly grabbing everything in your reach, especially clothes, and by the end of the day, your palm and in-between your fingers is a great collection of lint.  You have begun to really enjoy lying on your back kicking your legs and raising your arms.  This is usually combined with talking, as you talk to everyone, and everything, you see.  Your big milestone was rolling over on a consistent basis.  It is pretty fun to watch, you move your head back and forth rocking for a while and then throwing your head one direction and following it with your body.

One of the best moments from this month was 3 consecutive nights that you both slept for around 7 hours straight.  It was a bit frightening the first time, and Mommy and I were awake wondering if we should go check on you, but we restrained ourselves and let you be.  The next night, we didn’t even wake up until you did.  But then as quickly as it happened, it ended, and we’re back to waking up at least once in the middle of the night.  Oh well, I’m sure you’ll consistently sleep through the night when you’re good and ready.



Ice Storm 2007 (part 2)

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

My favorite local newscaster (Rick Mitchell of KOCO News Channel 5) is all about sensationalism, and so am I.  Every time there is the tiniest chance of bad weather, it gets some crazy name that they use to refer to it for weeks on end during the newscast and on the bottom of the screen scroll.  Well the most recent weather event is Ice Storm 2007, but I’m pretty sure that moniker was used back in January/February 2007 when we were previously frozen.  For shame, I expect more from my sensational journalists.

Still, I’ll be watching every glorious minute of coverage, now that we have power after 2.5 days.  There’s nothing better than watching the on-the-scene reporters freezing their tails off to show a) ice accumulation in the last 10 minutes, b) Oklahomans still can’t drive on ice, or c) ice melts when it gets over freezing.

On a side note, I have gotten some runs in even with the inclement weather.  Best was Sunday night as the first wave rolled through.  It was a glorious 5.25 miler.  Nothing better than finishing a run with rain freezing to your jacket.