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Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Looks like I have a new cycling team to root for.  Slipstream/Chipotle is not only dedicated to winning without cheating, but it is sponsored by one of my favorite restaurants, ever.  Not star studded, with the exception of Millar, but there are some great up and comers such as Van de Velde, Zabriske and Danielson.

Make sure to scroll down to the comments on the 1st link to get a language lesson from William Safire.  Good stuff.


Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Man it was weird weather-wise here in OK.  It was warm and humid Friday.  Cooled off and got very windy Saturday am.  I was set to run double digits.  Didn’t have more of a goal than to hit at least 10.  Set out a little before 7am.  It was registering 50, but was very blustery and misting.  Not my favorite running conditions, but off I went.  It was a very stout wind out of the south.  Sustained around 15mph and gusting to 25+.  Went south for about a mile then went west and north for a while.  Coming back into the wind was rough.  I was struggling to hit 10min/miles.  But on I pushed and ended with 11.3 miles in 1hour 48min and some change.  Was pleased to average under 10 min miles, cause I was spent

Sunday, it turned cold with a strong wind from the north.  It was very cool to see the front roll through, dropped 15+ degrees in about 10 minutes.  Our church had an advent festival that evening and we had friends in town with a 1.5 yr old, so we headed to see if there were crafts for him to do.  (There weren’t but there was an indoor playground for him to run around on.)  Decided to pack the twins into their bunting suits and wrap them up tight for our very first run with the jog stroller.  Goodness!  That is one heck of a workout.  It worked great, but pushing a wind trap into 20 mph head winds sucks.  Powered through for 3.3 miles to meet the rest of the crew at church.  Can’t wait for many more runs with the twins.  They did great, slept the whole time.