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Let Me (re)Introduce Myslef

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Dear Interwebs,

Hi, I’m back.  Been a little while.  Life has been hectic.  The kiddos are both teething.  Abs began actual crawling yesterday.  They have decided that a 5:30am snack is a good thing, when in fact it is not.  Additionally, we hosted a crawfish boil this past weekend complete with 80 lbs of mudbugs and all the trimmings.  Good stuff, but a lot to plan and do, and even harder to do it while juggling the kiddos.  Plus work has been super busy.

But I’ve been slowly  getting back into the workout routine.  Over the last week I’ve clocked 4 runs, a couple of walks, an evening lake paddle, a few weights, and this morning my first swim in, oh about a month.  Highlight of exercising was probably the Sunday am bike to church with the kiddos in the trailer.  Great fun, even though it was getting fairly warm by the time we headed home.  I’m moving for a vote on the appropriateness of shorts in church during the summer months.

I pledge to be more diligent, interwebs, that is after this weekend’s trip to Houston to sweat, sweat, sweat.