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Run and stupid Nano

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

So, I had a good run this evening.  Took the dog for a walk first as he is nursing a sore paw from a run last week.  He did great on the 1 mile trek.  Then took off, and put in around 3.5 miles.  It was warm and humid, and I was definitely feeling the 2 hours of basketball last night.  Temp was in the mid 80’s and tons of moisture from the recent and soon to be rains.  I started cracking around 3 miles though.  Not used to the heat yet.

Bad news is that I think the ipod nano has crapped out.  It is rarely picked up by the computer when connected, and rarely turns on.  It only comes on occassionally if the toggle switch is turned on and left on for multiple hours, and then only sometimes.  It is definitely out of warranty, but when it was in warranty, apple wante $39 to look at it.  As it was only worth about 70 refurb I passed.  Kicker is I just bought a new sensor, and really like the nike+ system.  Anyone know where to find a nike + sport band for a decent price.  Seen them on ebay, but at outrageous prices.  Or does the iphone have the built in sensor compatibility like the itouch.  I’m needing a new phone from att mid nov, so that would bolster the case for the iphone that much more.