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Newsletter: 19 Months

Monday, April 6th, 2009

It has been a while since I’ve written.  Needless to say a lot has been going on in your development.  You are both very active, starting to run everywhere, dancing whenever music comes on, and climbing on everything. You both can climb up onto the couches and chairs in the house by yourself, but sometimes you’re better at it than others.  Once upon the furniture, you both have begun exerting your independence by standing up, even after Mommy or I remind you to stay on your bottom, usually with big grins from ear to ear.

You are both becoming very independent when it comes to eating.  You can feed yourselves with spoons and forks, and are getting to the point where you only want to use the regular folks, not the plastic toddler forks. It seems they are easier to use, especially when trying to spear foods.

The past month held your first trip away from me.  We all headed down to Houston to see the Morris’ and Nana and Pop who drove in for the weekend, as well as Uncle Brad.  We stopped in Dallas for a wonderful dinner with the Friesens, and pulled into H-town well after midnight.  Abs started the weekend off right Saturday morning by spewing vomit all over the breakfast table while George and I slept in.  This continued, and turned into explosions from the other side by both G and A by the Monday.  I flew back to OKC on Monday am, so Mommy and the Morris’ got to enjoy the explosions without me.  They continued for the rest of the week, even at Grammy and Grandpa’s house where you and Mommy headed before Grammy rode back up to OKC with you on the next Saturday.  Needless to say, Mommy was exhausted by the time you got back home.

You are definitely at a fun age, able to express about 30 words each, and being very mobile.  Some of your favorite activities are going to the park to climb the equipment and go down the slide, watching Elmo, and playing outside.  Luckily it is beginning to warm up, and we are able to get outside.  It should be a fun summer.