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Let’s try this thing Again

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Sorry for the delay in writing.  Things have been crazy busy around the office and at the house.  3 weeks of RSV and the related ickies can do that.

Haven’t really been running all that much lately, but am looking to reincorporate a daily routine.  Also have given up diet cokes and sweets for Lent.  Hopefully will be able to continue for a long time after as well.  Hasn’t been too bad, with the exception being the first day, which just so happened to be Birthday Cake day at the office (and we generally have great cakes).  Didn’t even go to the celebration to help the resistance.

I’ll end with today’s run.  4.75 miles in 41 minutes.  Felt great, but probably the last run in the 40’s for a while.