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Newsletter 13/14 months

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

The last two months have been extremely busy.  We have had all sorts of visitors.  Our first visitors were Aunt Renee, Uncle Robert, and Reba-Grace.  We had a great time playing with them, going for walks, taking in a Fall Festival, and getting your very first taste of Rusty’s Frozen custard.  We weren’t too sure of what you would think of the tasty treat, but you loved it.  I got a kiddy cone to share, and ended up only taking a couple of bites since you both were screaming for more.

A week later, Grammy came up and stayed with us for a long weekend while Grandpa was in Wyoming on his annual hunting trip.  We got lots of great play time while Grammy was here, and she even kept you a couple of days instead of going to school which you loved.

Finally, we were visited for another long weekend by Nana and Pop.  They came up to help Mommy with a garage sale she was having with Misty.  Again there were lots of smiles and playing, and you both were very interested in helping Pop out with his projects.

We had some big milestones these two months as well.  Abs began walking on her own in mid-September.  Since then there has been very little crawling, only when tired or crabby.  Geo sat by watching as Abs was walking from here to there and on your 14 month B-day he also took his first steps.  He followed that up with many more steps yesterday, and seems to be getting the hang of it.  Most importantly, by the end of the day Geo figured he needs to put his hands in front of his face when he falls forward.  One big raspberry on the forehead will do that for you.

These months also continued Geo’s ear problems.  We were hopeful when we finally got an all clear from the Doc in late October, but less than a week later, bloody mucus began flowing from G’s ears.  A trip to the doc confirmed that there was indeed another ear infection.  The idea is that the infection began in the nose and moved up the Eustachian tube to the ear.  More drops it is.

You two have become very vocal and are coming up with all sorts of words.  Ball, Bubba, Boomer, milk, all done, are just some of what we can understand.

Finally, you both have off and on begun giving kisses to Mommy and I.  They are the sweetest things.  Big wide grinned open mouths smacks.

That’s it for this month. Love,