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Run, run and yoga

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Have actually been running a bit lately, but just been too busy to post anything.  Saturday I took the kiddos for a 3.25 miler in a killer wind and light mist.  Wore me out pushing the wind stopper in  front of me, but they both digged the ride.

Monday did a 4.75 miler at lunch.  PErfect day with a high near 70 and clear skies, no wind.  Did a loop around and through downtown and midtown.  Great mix of hills and flats and threw in a large set of stairs at the end.

Tuesday went to B-ball, but didn’t have enough show for a game, so took off for a run around campus.  Didn’t have the ipod, so no mileage, but was in the 4.5-5 mile range.  Good run, and campus was hopping for 8:45 on a Tuesday night.

Last night I had kiddo duties, so was in the house for the evening.  Got them down and turned on some yoga.  Felt great.  I’ve been extremely tight in the legs lately, even getting some cramps in the hammys, so it was just what I needed.

Tonight should be another run with the wind sled.  Good stuff.