Tuesday AM Swim

So I didn’t get around to yoga last night.  Just didn’t have it in me.  We thought about doing Baby and Parent pilates for the first time sans babies, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  Instead I did crunches and push-ups while Carrie did the first mini-session from the pilates dvd.  Looks like it will be fun to try with G&A.

Got up again this morning and headed to the Y for a quick swim before work.  Got there around 7am and the place was empty.  May have been the fact it was 20F outside and the streets were mildly icy, but it was great.

Swim was good.  Definitely getting back into the swing of it.  Still haven’t found a slow easy swim pace.  But I did find a high gear.  There was an older gentlemen a couple of lanes over who was doing some water walking, and at one point he really turned it up.  I didn’t want to be slower than a water walker, so I let it out and pushed hard to stay out in front of him.  Mission accomplished.

One Response to “Tuesday AM Swim”

  1. Matt says:

    proud of you honey…It’s a good motivation to compare your speed to someone else, but it’s also impt to find your own rhythm. Keep it up! love you, cmj