Tuesday night ended up skipping out on basketball.  But I did do a session of yoga.

Wednesday I got up headed to the Y and hit the pool again.  Not spectacular, but I think next week I’ll step up to 6 sets instead of 5.  I did remember to take a watch, and timed my sets and am swimming at a scarily steady pace.  Each of the 5 sets were within 3 seconds of 4 minutes flat.  Ended by doing a few laps of running and stretching walking in the shallow end.

Today got up, headed to the Y and hit the treadmill.  Was going to try outside, but it was 16F with a windchill around 0F.  Plus my tights were packed in preparation for our trek to the Port this weekend.  So I hit the dreadmill.  I wasn’t about to attempt to run on the 1/11 mile indoor track. First time on a mill in ages.  Supposed to do tempo today, so that’s just what I did.  Did 1/2 mile at easy pace (9:40/mi.) then bumped it up to 8:40/mi. for 1 mile, 8:10/mi. for 1 third mile, 7:40/mi. for 1 mile and closed with a short cool-down at 9:40/mi.  I then headed over to the pool and did 3 sets.

Finished by weighing in on the Y scale (which jived with the home scale the other day.  Shocked to see it come into balance at 206.5.

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