3.4 miles

Got home in time for a feeding so took off for a run.  Began running north from the house toward my old run routes.  I think I like them a little better as there is less traffic.  Still have to cross one major street, but the rest of the routes are much less traveled.  Put in 3.4 miles.  Was really stiff after 9+ miles the last two days, but really needed to get the legs moving.  Really pushed the tempo on the last .5 miles which felt great.

Finished with a 2 mile walk with Carrie, G&A.  A bit cool, but we were all wrapped up.

One Response to “3.4 miles”

  1. jank says:

    Good stuff.

    BTW – an OCS buddy of mine came within a couple minutes of 3:20 at the Marine Corps Marathon. &*)(^)(.

    I’m going to head up to boston to see how he’s been training. I think I’m within striking distance of 4 hours, brother.