Saturday I was supposed to get up and run with A&D.  And they weren’t running until 7am, so I would get to sleep in 30 minutes.  Set the alarm, went back to sleep after a 4:30am feeding and woke up at 8am.  Apparently my alarm was not working.  Since they were long gone, decided to make a go of it myself with the pup.  Went for 5 miles.  It felt great and I was fairly rested, so didn’t really get tired.  It was nice and cool, mid 40’s but warming quickly in the beautiful bright blue sunny skies.  And surprising there was no wind.  Only down side was I forgot to take water and didn’t think about this until I was already a little over 2 miles into it, and would have had at least 1.5 miles to get back home.  So I pushed on without.  Not too painful.

Saturday afternoon was a beautiful day and we were lucky enough to get to spend it with a law school buddy and his new bride.  It was a beautiful intimate outdoor ceremony at one of their co-worker’s home in OKC.  Beautiful ceremony, great food, homebrew and no kids.  At least not our.  Grammy and Grandpa were in town and were itching to watch the, so we had no problems letting them have their wish.

Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch at our church and got some good pics.  Will post pics here later.  Went out for a run around 5:30pm.  It got fairly warm, into the low 70’s.  Went 4.5 miles.  Decided not to go for a walk afterward with Carrie, G & A since the sun was setting and it was cooling off.

Good times.

3 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. mom says:

    We loved our visit. Can’t wait to see the pumpkin pictures.
    Did a bit of running myself this morning. Felt better than the previous two attempts.

  2. mom says:

    Keep it up!

  3. jank says:

    Good times, indeed brother. Wait till they’re old enough to tag along on the bike. Jake rode with me while I ran Sunday. Tons of fun.