B-Ball and Biking

Took two days for cross training.  Las night made it out to B-Ball for an hour.  Was late as the kiddos have been battling some stomach bug and have not wanted to go to bed at their bed time.  Still got in a full hour of play.  4 on 4 full court.  Lots of running, a couple good plays, but man do I need to work on my post up skills.

Brought the bike to work for a lunch ride.  Ended up putting in a little over 18 miles in just about an hour.  Went down to the river trail and battled the wind.  Found the downside of riding down by the river.  The trail is on the low side of the bank, with flood barriers up above, so the river is like a funnel for wind.  Not too bad if it is North or south, but a bear when it decides to come east or west.  Today was an easterly wind, and it was whipping.  The Out was nice-cruising along at a nice 21-22 mph pace.  The In sucked-really pushing it to keep it in the 16-17 mph range.  Finished with a couple of hills near the office.

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