Pesto Ice Cream and 3.5 miles

We had a quick trip to the hospital this am due to not feeling Baby A, “Squirt”, move this morning.  Everything ended up fine, guess Squirt was just sleeping.  We didn’t get released until 1 and were starving, so went to a local OK City restaurant, the Grateful Bean for lunch.  The Bean is an old fashioned soda fountain that is known for its great drinks and homemade ice cream.  The food is pretty great too.

But today I had one of the best ice cream flavors I’ve ever tasted.  I’m a huge fan of fresh made pesto and have grown my own basil for the last few summers trying to perfect my pesto.  So I’m pretty picky about it.  But when I saw Pesto ice cream on the board, I specifically ate less than half my lunch to save room.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  It was a rich and creamy, slightly vanilla flavored base with fresh pesto mixed in. Fresh chopped basil, slight lemon tones, and little bits of Parmesan cheese.  Wow.  Highly recommend.

With the babies taking their own time, and tonight being $0.40 wing night, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner to try to heat them out.  So far hasn’t worked, but the wings were good.

Which leads to the run.  I was really feeling the need to run after those 2 meals, so at 9pm laced up the sneaks and went out.  Great, not-so-hot night.  Got in 3.5 miles in the moonlight and loved every step.

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