Football Time and 4 Miles

It is here.  The greatest time of the year.  College football started tonight.  Tulsa v. UL-Monroe on ESPN2HD and LSU v. Miss. State on ESPNHD.  Not the best of match-ups, but hey its college football.  Actually both of the first halves ended up being fairly close.  Always fun to cheer for the underdog when they are playing decently and I have no vested interest in a team.  I may have gone to college in Louisiana, but it wasn’t at LSU, so no I don’t cheer for them.  Plus they have Les Miles at the helm, and after his years at OSU and having to hear his raspy voice on the nightly news I’m even less inclined to cheer for them.

Waited to half-time and then went on a great run.  Four miles in the dark with temps in the mid 70’s.  What more can you ask for?

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