nervous energy

Playing the waiting game with the birth now.  Not really nervous, but have a vibe of waiting for the expected to happen.

Yesterday I was still feeling the effects of the 8.25 on Saturday, but after a delicious brunch with friends after church I was feeling the need to stretch the legs.  Made a quick 2.5 around the neighborhood.  It was hot and steamy, but my mistake from running at 5pm.

Today I was still feeling a little sore, but after a long night thinking the births were imminent, I needed to run and get refreshed.  After cooking dinner, went out for a run around 7:45.  Only planned on a 3 miler, but once I got out it felt good.  Wound up getting in around 4 miles in around 38 min.

Finished up with some “speed” walking around the block with Carrie.  We’ll get those kids moving one way or another.

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