Monday Lunch Run

Again another day of beautiful January weather.  Low 50’s around 1pm.  Packed running shorts and shirt for a run from the office at lunch.  Decided to do a tempo run.  It was great.  Had negative splits, and surprised myself at the pace I was able to put out.  First mile was supposed to be a warmup, but ended up pretty quick at 9:13/mile, second mile clocked in at 8:43, third mile was 8:20 and fourth mile was 7:45.  Finished with a cool down of .5 miles at 8:50/mile pace.  Funny thing was that the cool down was faster than my normal training pace, but felt like I was going sooooo slow.  Couldn’t believe it.  Made for a very refreshed feeling for the afternoon.

Refueled with some great split pea soup from the Moosewood cookbook I received at Christmas.  Good stuff.

Oh and did yoga again last night.  The tightness is definitely less, but still there.  I feel like I am nowhere near looking like the instructor in the video.

One Response to “Monday Lunch Run”

  1. Missy says:

    So glad you like the cookbook. Mollie rocks. Run on!