Weekend and Cold season

It warmed up here a bit Friday and everything thawed out which was nice.  Then it decided to turn cold yet again.  Saturday it was cold (upper 20’s) and we had some nice gusty winds in the 20+ mph range with big old snow flakes thrown in.  IT was blowing to hard to stick, though.  Headed out and got in 8 miles.  Running into the wind sucked, but going with it was good.

Great run overall, and got to tour a bunch of the surrounding neighborhoods to see all the downed lumber.  What a sight.  There was one house that I give my “Making the best of a bad situation” award to; they had a front yard full of limbs and had strung their Christmas lights all over them.  Went back that night to show Carrie.  It looked like they had shrubs across the front of their yard which they had decorated.  Too funny.

Was going to run Sunday after our church’s Candlelight Carol Service, but we didn’t get home until.  10pm.  Oh well.  Oh yeah, I have a head cold now.  It stinks.  No running yesterday or today.  We’ll see about tomorrow.

One Response to “Weekend and Cold season”

  1. jank says:

    Hope you’re feeling better, brother. Love the wreath