Took Tuesday off. Felt nice to do so, but I was ready to do something Wednesday. By 5:30pm I hadn’t been out, so I decided to get a quick 3 miles in. It was actually very nice outside, 85 F and low humidity. Only downside was a 25-30 mph winds, but hey it is Oklahoma, and it helped cool me off even more.

Only had 30 minutes to run, so chose to hit my 3 mile loop and hit it hard. Everything felt great, and I felt as though I was flying. First time in a long time I have actually had to pull the dog to keep up. But I think it was more of him being tired from “hunting” all day. Actually he finally caught a squirrel earlier in the day, and was going non-stop around the yard looking for another after I took the first one away from him.

Good run 3 miles in 24 minutes give or take a half minute.

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