Newsletter: 10 Months

So I’m half a month late.  We’ve been very busy, with guests and out of town the last two weekends.

But your ninth month was full of fun.  We managed to get a trip to visit Grammy and Grandpa in Spring Branch.  Mommy and I even went out for a nice dinner with friends and spent the night in Austin while you 2 stayed at G&G’s house.  You did wonderfully of course, and we were so happy to see you the next afternoon at Oma’s room.  And to top it off it was father’s day.  A great first one for me seeing as how I got to paddle at the Buena Vista play park the day before.

Ab’s is now all over the place, crawling as fast a child can crawl.  Also pulling up on everything and standing for long periods of time.

Geo is getting more adventurous leaning way over and even getting on you knees and using your hands to pull your upper body in the direction you want to go.  And you’re very proficient at rolling to what you want.

You’re still getting new finger foods, such as green beans, peaches rolled in wheat germ, yogurt, plums, bread, and pizza crusts, and loving evry bit of it.

Sorry for the short update, but I’ll get more next month.



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