Thurs AM run/swim

Got up and hit the Y again this am.  Don’t like running on the mill, but weather was blowing in (rain turning to snow with gusting winds).  Today was a tempo run, supposed to be 5 miles(3 at mid tempo with 2 easy miles as bookends).  Didn’t want to spend so long on the mill, so I did .5 mile bookends at easy pace to warmup/cooldown.  Ended up being a pretty good run.  Felt nice and warmed-up and turned up the pace to 8:20/mile.  Got through 2 at that pace, but had to dial it down a bit (8:45/mi.) for a few tenths and then pushed it back up to finish off the 3 miles.  Cooled down and stretched a bit and then took off for the pool.

Swim was pretty good did 2 sets of 250M free.  Felt pretty fluid, not quite as good as yesterday.  Ended up having to stop and catch my breath before the last 25M on the second set.  But finished with better form than if I hadn’t stopped for a few seconds.

Now, my legs feel like jello.  Very Nice!

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