Long Week

Monday I got out with Boomer for his first run in weeks.  He did great.  It was beautiful outside.  Temp hanging around 40F and no wind to speak of.  Stars were all out and we had the streets to ourselves (For the most part).

Tuesday just didn’t get around to running, but did crunches and sit-ups instead.

Wednesday, the dams broke loose from Carrie and George with both throwing up frequently.  I spent all night up with them as they were sick sick sick.  I ended up getting the stomach bug, but at least it affected me in the opposite way, and only for a minor part of Thursday morning as I was home taking care of the fam.

By Thurs evening I was feeling ready to run, and Boomer was in the need of some activity as he had been in for the majority of the day.  So off we went.  It was a great evening and the run went well until around 2 miles and then I hit the wall.  I had to walk a little bit, but made it home in one piece.  Finished with 3.5 miles.  Moral of the story, don’t run the same day you have ill effects from a stomach bug.

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