3.7 miles

After being away from home all weekend, Carrie was itching to go for a walk.  Monday evening we loaded up the jog stroller and went out.  Did about 1.5 miles as G screamed the entire way and it was getting close to feeding time.

Tuesday, got to get back at it.  Went for 3.7 miles.  Felt good, good music, and nice temps, but it was humid as all get out.  There was a bunch of Gulf moisture blowing in from the south.  Today that rain fell and cooled it off a little bit.  I hope the temps stay like this (downward trend) for a while.  I’m so ready for fall and all that it brings, such as cool nights curled up under a blanket.   Now to figure out a way to keep the kids a sleep for more than 2.5 hours so that we can enjoy curling up.

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