3 hard miles and 4.3 good miles

Went out for 3 miles Sunday evening with the dog.  Felt good except for being tired.  Probably pushed it harder than I should have, what with the lack of sleep and all.

Last night I got some good sleep and this afternoon I was feeling good.  A cool front came rolling through last night and dropped temps down nicely.  Felt so good we opened the windows last night and had to shut them before bed as it was too cool inside.  Bottomed out in the mid 50’s.  So around 3 I headed out for a run.  Sun was shining and a slight breeze, but not quite a wind and temps in the mid 70’s.  Wow, this is great weather and just in time.   Ended up with 4.3 miles at 36 minutes.  Felt good.

Ended with the kids first walk around the block.

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