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So, I’ve actually been running again lately.  At the OKC 1/2 Marathon Expo, I went on the prowl for a new pair of kicks.  I had been looking for a while, but couldn’t decide on what I would end up with.  I had whittled it down to a new pair of Saucony Hurricane or MC5 or MC6, or Brooks Adrenaline GTS, Addiction or Trance.  I was leaning toward one of the Brooks as I’m still digging on the Beasts, but wanted something a little more streamlined (so the Addiction were low on the list).  The Brooks have lasted extremely well, and I think I’ll still keep them around for walking and light running as they don’t feel worn out quite yet.

I also hadn’t written off a pair of Pearl Izumis either, but hadn’t been able to get much info on them.  But they had a booth at the expo advertising a sale, so I stopped by.  The very nice lady sent me toward their other station which had their motion control/stability shoes, so off I went.  But I ran across a stand of sale shoes on the way there and low and behold, in my size at over 1/2 off were a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS.  Tried them on and was immediately sold.  Extremely comfy, great cushioning, and solid in the right places.

I’ve now been on 4 runs in them (2.5 miles, 3.5 miles, 4.2 and 4.7 miles) and am really digging them.  They are not the plushest ride, but they are solid and give great support.  There is a fair amount of cushion, but like the Beasts, it is definitely more of a thick cushioned material that, as the Beasts have shown has lasted for a long time.  So I think I may be becoming a Brooks man.  Sorry Saucony.  You shouldn’t have messed with the Omni 4 which sent me off on my search.

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